Grilla Burn Bullets - Day One

For years, I have had a weight problem and I’m on a load of weight-gaining medication that I have to take everyday (to keep me alive) for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I need a helping hand. I have only recently heard about burn bullets and four days ago I took the leap and purchased them from the Grilla Fitness website.

I have no idea if these will work or not but I’m 31 years old and 15 stone. I have spent many days and hours in the gym since 2011 and I’ve only managed to get to fourteen and a half stone. I’ve lost weight in the past but I always seem to put it straight back on, so purchasing these was a no-brainer.

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Awesome new(ish) song from Deepest Blue

From the moment I heard ‘Deepest Blue’ and ‘Shooting Star’ playing at my workplace in 2005, I was hooked for life because it helped me get over the breakup of my first serious girlfriend and all of their songs paralleled the feelings and emotions that I was going through at that very difficult time.

Who are Deepest Blue you may ask? Well, for starters, they are my favourite band/group. They were a British electronic music duo comprising Matt Schwartz and Joel Edwards. Their songs targeted the single, relationship-stricken and heartbroken masses, although not all of their songs were like that, the rest were cheery and catchy with excellent lyrics and their videos were scenic and physically emotional to the song’s purpose or plot.

For the last decade, I have downloaded and constantly listened to all their tracks, including the song “Let It Go”, which was one of their first tracks as Zoom, prior to their name change.

These tracks, although they’re quite a few years old, I still find empowering and I never get bored of listening to them and I never will.

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I auditioned for Geordie Shore 12

Tonight, I went to Bijoux nightclub in Newcastle to audition for the Geordie Shore television programme. It has become apparent that during Geordie Shore’s 11th series in Greece, there has been a departure. There have been rumours going around that Marnie has been fired on the show and there’s also the possibility that even Charlotte might have left the show, after her breakup from boyfriend Mitch.

Anyway, I made my way into the nightclub, I felt extremely nervous, so I bought a Desperados and made my way to the VIP section of the club to speak to a couple of MTV/Lime Pictures staff. I told them that I made an appearance during season nine in Sunderland last year and that I had spoken to all of the season nine cast and that they were very friendly towards me.

They took my information and asked me a few questions. I think it’s fair to say that I was really nervous but I managed to get through it and if successful (I think the chances of me getting on the show are a million to one) I’ll get a call from them.

Watch this space.


Study Finds That Online Harassers Really Are Losers

Sometimes science proves the things that you have always wanted to believe, but suspected were too perfect to be true. Exhibit A: Men who engage in online misogynistic abuse are probably bad at the computer games. The finding backs up the theory that harassment is a reflection of these men’s own sense of failure.

The Internet can be a scary place for anyone who gets a profile for something remotely controversial, but women, particularly young women, often experience far more serious abuse online than men. In gaming spaces a woman is four times as likely to receive negative comments as a man behaving identically.

Michael Kasumovic of the University of New South Wales and Jeffrey Kuznekoff of Miami University decided to investigate what is driving this rage. In PLOS ONE they note, “Although there is much research dedicated to understanding sexist behaviour, we have almost no insight into what triggers this behaviour and the individuals that initiate it.”

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My trip to Manchester

Yesterday I had a fantastic day out in Manchester, despite not being able to do everything I wanted, but there’s always next time.

I started the day off by visiting the Cliff, which is the old Manchester United training ground in Broughton, Salford. I then made my way back to Manchester city centre on foot to visit the National Football Museum.

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My new iPhone 6 Gold arrived today!

This morning, I was eagerly waiting for the delivery of my brand new iPhone 6. Due to my unemployment at this present time, I am unable to afford to buy a brand new iPhone 6. The only time, I have ever bought a brand new iPhone was back in 2011, when I purchased the iPhone 4 from the Apple Store.

So, to put it simply, this iPhone 6 comes with a two year contract, courtesy of Vodafone. To apply for this deal, I had to pay £49.99 for the headset, which is typical but reasonably priced.

The tariff is as follows. Unlimited texts, one thousand minutes to any network(s), one gigabyte of data (4G) which comes with a two gigabyte allowance for my personal WIFI hotspot, which allows me to broadcast my very own WIFI connection. I couldn’t be more chuffed as for the last few years, I have been on Pay As You Go.

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I've relinquished Gaybook

From the 19th of May 2012, I have owned and managed a worldwide and vastly recognised social network for young LGBT people called Gaybook, which was originally used to overtake an ever-declining ‘The Gay Youth Corner’ website.

Before thinking of creating a social network, I remember watching the 2010 Social Network movie. That film inspired me to start a social network of my very own. But to attract new members and help the site grow, it would be impossible to imitate and compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc. And so, I eventually picked a unique niche, which was a rare commodity on the Internet, “gay youth”.

I thought to myself, there are many young people in the world who are facing discrimination and confusion about their sexuality/gender identity, so why not making a website that would allow young people to join, connect and help them find the answers they are looking for?

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Shrinking my online presence

I guess it’s normal for most of us to want to revert back into our previous non-Internet existence, back when the Internet was in its infancy and we had a lot of privacy. People only knew us as familiar faces and the only way to get in touch was by phone or email. The internet can be both good for you and bad.

I think it’s fair to say that, in the past, I’ve revealed too much information about myself online, oblivious to the consequences and forgetting that my information is personal, unique to me and sometimes we forget just how much information we are sharing about ourselves, forgetting that our information is invaluable and that there are people out there who want to misuse or steal it.

On Facebook, we are asked very personal questions about ourselves, not realising that it’s optional. Facebook aren’t forcing you to fill it in and we should only ever disclose what’s important and what we feel comfortable sharing.
Just think, do people really care that you are a Gemini who volunteers at a soup kitchen on 51st Street? No! :(

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One year on...

It’s one year ago today that I lost my very best friend of fourteen years, Lucy. She was my very beautiful mongrel who I spent a lot of good and happy times with and I will live with those happy memories until the day I die.

Unfortunately, no one has yet invented a way to store memories, so that’s why I still have all of the photos I took with her and they’ll always remain very valuable and priceless to me.

It’s fair to say that going through the loss a year ago matched the pain of going to collect her ashes, a week later. On the bus home, I found it extremely difficult to hold in my emotions as I held her ashes in my hands. I felt an deep loss of emptiness and loneliness in my soul, knowing that I would never see her again and I would never be able to play with her ever again..

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