Kinder Surprise banned in the USA?

You know when you’re reading a newspaper, surfing the internet or watching television and a truly bizarre fact you never knew about, pops up and surprises you?

Well, the same thing happened to me tonight. I was on the sofa, with a cup of tea, watching a UK television show called, The Million Pound Drop and a question came up on the screen asking which product was banned in the USA and the answer was Kinder Surprise and I thought, jeez, I didn’t know that Kinder Surprises’s were banned in the United States and the host revealed that this was due to children choking on the toy product inside the egg. The ban happened over two years ago, but I’ve only just known about this, tonight!

I started chuckling and it made me think, how on earth could a child choke on the toy inside the egg? We all know that the egg itself can be split into two, has a toy inside and I ate a lot of them, over the years, as a kid and never once had this problem.

At first, I thought, how could any child in America, be so stupid as to not realise that there’s a toy inside and then I thought, it could depend on the age of the child, for example, if they’re under three, they won’t understand the dangers, then I thought, what kind of idiotic parents would buy a toddler a Kinder Egg and not supervise the child with the product, so as to prevent them from any danger? But I guess there could be many reasons, sides and situations as to why they were banned.

I’m surprised that these Kinder Eggs haven’t been a concern to parents in the United Kingdom or anywhere else for that matter or why haven’t they been banned elsewhere?

Trust America to panic and put a ban on one of the best chocolate products I’ve ever had as a kid. I’m certainly glad I don’t live in the United States because it seems that when someone or a group of panicky people complain about a product, they manage to get it banned. I feel sorry for the US children who loved Kinder eggs and the ones who are old enough and able to remember them.

I certainly do not predict a huge demand for Kinder Eggs for sale on eBay that can be sold overseas, not in the near future anyway.

What do you think?